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  • The Photovoltaic and Power Technologies Branch, in partnership with AlphaMicron, Inc. and Sekisui Chemical Company, was recommended for $5 million in funding over three years from the State of Ohio Third Frontier Research Commercialization Program. The goal is to move AlphaMicron’s Adaptive Window technology from demonstration to the market entry phase of technology commercialization. Adaptive windows will alter light transmission depending on the environmental need and are considered the a corner stone for developing “green” buildings. The project is to create a window that has a self-regulating controllable tint that is powered using solar cells developed by NASA Glenn Research Center. NASA Glenn will receive $1 million for their part.
  • As part of the Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts (RASC) program, NASA Glenn Research Center led a program to develop a conceptual design for a robotic mission to explore the surface and atmosphere of Venus.
  • Explorer Post 632, sponsored by NASA GRC and mentored by members of the branch, successfully flew a weather balloon to 98,780 ft. (18.7 miles) on April 21st, 2007. See more details, photos and videos.
  • NASA Glenn designed and delivered the flight electronics for the Forward Technology Solar Cell Experiment (FTSCE), part of MISSE-5 that will fly on STS-114

Michael PiszczorBranch Chief
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