National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Structures – Mechanical Testing Laboratories



A wide range of mechanical testing facilities reside within the Structures and Materials Division. Capabilities include tension and compression, creep rupture and fatigue. Tests can be performed in air, vacuum, ultra-high vacuum and inert gas atmospheres. Mechanical property testing determines structural limit states for incipient aerospace materials such as CMCs using the latest test equipment and techniques.


  • Fourteen high-temperature fatigue testers
  • Induction, resistive, and radiant furnaces heat
  • High vacuum environmental test chambers
  • High temperature testing in controlled environments

Research Projects

  • Aeronautics/Aviation Safety/Integrated Vehicle Health Management: Validation of prognostic models for hot section components
  • Exploration/ETDP: Testing of polymer composites for large space structures in Advanced Composite Technology (ACT) project
  • Science/Radioisotope Power System: Creep durability of stirling heater head alloys

Possible Uses

  • Validate micro to macro behavior of material models
  • Long-term durability of high temperature materials under operating stress and environmental conditions
  • Testing to help development of new materials and structural concepts

Point of Contact: Anthony Calomino, 216-433-3311