National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Polymer Composite Processing Laboratory



The Polymeric Composite Processing Facility supports research on the development of advanced, high temperature polymeric composites, including nanocomposites and sandwich structures containing aerogels (polymer cross-linked metal oxide and polymer). The capability exists to produce laminates and coupon level specimens for testing and evaluation as well as conduct processing studies to develop cure cycles and fabrication procedures for new materials.


  • Three hot presses capable of temperatures up to 425o C
  • Autoclave capable of 425o C operation
  • Vacuum hot press capable of 425o C operation
  • A manual and automated prepreg winders
  • Haake nanocompounder
  • Variety of polymer characterization equipments

Research Projects

  • Aeronautics/Fundamental Aeronautics/ Supersonics: RTM processable high-temperature polymers
  • Aeronautics/Fundamental Aeronautics/Subsonic Fixed wing and Supersonics: Nanocomposites (clay, graphene and nanotube)
  • Aeronautics/Fundamental Aeronautics/Subsonic Fixed Wing: Multifunctional Composite Fan Case Materials
  • Exploration/ETDP/Advanced Composites Technology
  • Exploration/ETDP/Composites with engineered thermal conductivity for thermal control

Potential Uses

  • Aircraft engine components
  • Thermal Protection Systems
  • Airframe components
  • Launch Vehicles
  • Space Radiators

Point of Contact: Michael Meador, 216-433-9518