National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Metal Processing Laboratories



The Advanced Metallics Branch maintains a range of capabilities for processing research quantities of experimental, developmental and commercial alloys. A more detailed description of each of these capabilities can be seen on the Advanced Metallics web site.


  • Melting Lab (induction melting, and arc melting, rapid solidification and directional solidification)
  • Powder Metallurgy Lab (attrition milling, cryomilling and anaerobic processing)
  • Wrought Processing Labs (rolling, swaging and hot pressing, and hot isostatic pressing)
  • Joining Lab (welding, brazing and diffusion bonding)
  • Furnace Room Lab (heat treatments and simulated mission cycles in air, vacuum and inert gas, specialized quenching and thermal cycling).

Research Projects

  • Exploration/ETDP/Fission Power: Joining and bonding of dissimilar materials
  • Science/Radioisotope Power System/Fabrication process development for stirling regenerators
  • Aeronautics/Fundamental Aeronautics/Development of new single crystal blade alloys and disk system with higher temperature capability, high temperature shape memory alloys – fabrication of new experimental alloy chemistries
  • Past Projects: Next Generation Launch Vehicle/Fabrication process development of high conductivity Cu-Cr-Nb (GRCop alloys) for high heat flux heat exchangers; Aeronautics/NiAl alloy development by cryomilling

Potential Uses

  • Processing of experimental quantities of alloys for development of advanced, higher temperature-capable structural alloys appropriate for use in aerospace propulsion and power systems.
  • Tailoring of metallic alloy compositions and processing technique to meet specific physical and mechanical properties required for a selected application

Point of Contact: Michael V. Nathal, 216-433-9516