National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

DBD Plasma Flow Control Facility/Test Cell CW-7



CW-7 houses a bench-test unit and a wind tunnel. The bench test is used for aerodynamic and electrical performance characterization of Dielectric Barrier Discharged (DBD) plasma actuators without external flow. The wind tunnel is used to test effectiveness of active flow control on separated flows with freestream turbulence.


The Bench Test Unit

  • Power supply system allows DBD actuators operation at tens of kV tens of KHz range.
  • Safety enclosure with interlock and Ozone monitoring.
  • High voltage and current probes to measure current, voltage, power consumption.
  • Aerodynamic measurements with glass, metal and hot-wire probes. Low velocity to 0.5 m/s measurement capability with low range transducers.
  • LabView software and National Instruments PXIe data acquisition
  • Vacuum chamber 10 X10 inch for low pressure testing.
  • LaVision stereo PIV system

The Wind Tunnel

  • Closed-loop low-speed tunnel velocities up to 30 m/s with 10,000 CFM blower. No Central air.
  • Turbulence grids to 7% freestream inlet turbulence.
  • Suction system at leading edge and insert.
  • Instrumentation includes Dantec and AA Labs hot-wire anemometry systems, pressure transducers, multiplexed valve, static pressure taps, Pitot probes and thermocouple temperature sensors. PACs traversing system. Jet probe calibration system.
  • Present test section simulates LPT blade Pak B turbine passage, inlet velocities to 16 m/s.
  • Multi-channel phased array plasma actuator with power supply system currently installed

Research Projects

  • Fundamental studies of relevant to high-pressure and low-pressure turbines flows.
    • Past studies: Studies of effect of freestream turbulence levels and Reynolds number on bypass transition over cold and heated flat plate, and with pressure gradients.
    • Delay of separation with phased array DBD plasma actuators.
    • Present studies: Characterization of DBD plasma actuators in bench test unit
    • Near-future: Wind tunnel studies separation elimination with active flow control

Potential Uses

Fundamental studies of attached and separated boundary layer flows under influence of freestream turbulence with pressure gradients representative of high lift turbine airfoils.

Point of Contact: Dr. David Ashpis, 216-433-8317