National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Laboratory



A cold wall horizontal flow, high temperature CVD system employed in the growth of single crystal silicon carbide (SiC) by thermal decomposition of gaseous precursors. Supports growth processes associated with the development of SiC based sensors and electronics devices.


  • Two high temperature crystal growth reactors
  • Mass flow controlled gas management system
  • 20KW induction heating
  • Glove box for toxic isolation

Research Projects

  • Chemical sensors for harsh environments using SiC web growth technologies
  • Develop defect free SiC epitaxial layers for electronic devices
  • Develop defect free SiC bulk growth

Potential Uses

  • High temperature (500°C) SiC electronics for signal conditioning, wireless data transmission
  • SiC power electronics for aerospace actuators, electric vehicles, and highly efficient power distribution networks (smart grid technology)
  • Harsh environment sensors for vehicle and propulsion system health monitoring

Point of Contact: Dr. Larry Matus, 216-433-6736