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NASA Invention and Contributions Board Space Act Award Received for Portable Health ALgorithms Test (PHALT) System


A team consisting of Kevin Melcher and Edmond Wong (Controls & Dynamics), and Christopher Fulton, William Maul and Shane Sowers from QinetiQ North America received the NASA Inventions and Contributions Board Space Act Award for the technology disclosure LEW- 18485-1, entitled “Portable Health ALgorithms Test (PHALT) System.”

The PHALT system is an integrated hardware-software platform that provides a means of evolving the maturity and credibility of algorithms developed to assess the health of aerospace systems. The PHALT system was used to develop and test Sensor Data Qualification (SDQ) algorithms for a Power Distribution Unit Testbed (2006-2007) and for a Fuel Actuator Systems Test Rig (2008) in support of the Ares I project of the NASA Constellation Program.