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Welcome to the Research and Technology Directorate at NASA Glenn Research Center

The Research and Technology (R&T) Directorate is responsible for developing, directing and maintaining the core research and technology capabilities at the NASA John H. Glenn Research Center. It executes research and technology development activities to advance the state-of-the art technologies in support of NASA’s missions: Aeronautics Research, Exploration Systems, Science, and Space Operations.

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Research Laboratory Capabilities

Research Laboratory Capabilities

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NASA Glenn Honored with R&D 100 Awards — KiloPower and Ka-Band Software-Defined Radio

One team developed the NASA/Harris Ka-Band Software-Defined Radio, the other a co-developer of KiloPower, a technology development effort that uses a nuclear fission system to produce electricity from uranium.

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Stirling Research Lab personnel

Stirling Research Lab Reaches Operation Milestone

On Aug. 25, NASA Glenn’s Stirling Research Laboratory (SRL) surpassed 600,000 hours of cumulative convertor operations. This helps advance state of-the-art free-piston Stirling energy conversion systems for aerospace and nonaerospace applications. These systems can be used for spacecraft exploration over long mission durations, where solar power is not feasible. The SRL has 14 test stations [...]

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Dr. William Marshall Selected as Finalist in Stellar Awards

Dr. William M. Marshall of the NASA Glenn Research Center Propulsion and Propellants Branch has won a National Award for Space Achievement (RNASA) Stellar Award in the “Early Career” category. Dr. Marshall received the award for exceptional leadership and technical expertise in rocket combustion research and testing that has enhanced numerous NASA programs and significantly aided the technical [...]

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Manan Vyas

Manan Vyas Selected as Finalist in Service to America Award

Manan Vyas, an aerospace engineer at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, has been named a finalist for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals, also called the Sammies. Recognizing Vyas’ significant contributions to the field of hypersonic propulsion flows and embodiment of the true spirit of public service, Vyas was recognized as a finalist in the category of Call to Service at a ceremony today in Washington, D.C.

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Asteroid Retrieval Mission

Featured on WKSU-FM, Exploradio: Cleveland’s Ion Engines Power NASA’s Deep Space Dreams

Cleveland’s NASA Glenn Research Center is building the ion engines that will capture an asteroid and someday take humans into deep space. NASA has set a goal to capture an asteroid and bring it to the moon for study. The engines to power that mission are being built at Cleveland’s  NASA Glenn Research Center.  In this week’s Exploradio, WKSU’s Jeff St.Clair explores the technology behind NASA’s deep space dreams.

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Space Station Communications Test Bed Checks Out; Experiments Begin

NASA’s Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) test bed has begun its experiments after completing its checkout on the International Space Station. The SCaN test bed is an advanced, integrated communications laboratory facility that uses a new generation of software-defined radio (SDR) technology to allow researchers to develop, test and demonstrate advanced communications, networking and navigation [...]

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